We are looking to switch our heat over from oil to wood, or at least see if we can supplement our heat using wood. The prices of oil seem to be so unpredictable and we would rather not go with natural gas. I think it is time that we shop around to see the different types of wood stoves that are available today so that we can get the best deal.

I know that wood stove set ups have come quite a long way since the kind of wood stove that we had in our home when I was a kid. I have also thought about going with a pellet stove. However, I have a lot of friends and relatives that have complained that pellet stoves end up needing a lot of repairs when the mechanisms go. Plus, you have to have a generator for them to still work to heat your home should the power go out.

Is there a way that I can look at a wide range of wood stoves and hopefully compare several options so that I have the ability to pick from the best one? I want to be able to research several of them before I make a buying decision.